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How Fashion Makes Us Feel

Posted on: February 1st, 2013 by Ellen Ross

A woman trying to land a high-paying job wears a suit to her interview. A man trying to impress a woman on their first date wears a nice button up shirt and slacks that he’s even ironed out beforehand. So, why do people wear what they wear? One might say that we dress in whatever feels comfortable on us, especially when you are dressing for your job that you’ve had for over 10 years. But a simple change in wardrobe by wearing a suit to a meeting can help change your attitude immensely and get you out of that boring old daily routine.

A suit can make a man feel very powerful in the workplace.

Take the “power suit” for example; a woman could easily wear dress pants and a nice blouse to an interview, but when she wears a suit it makes her feel more professional and powerful. The way you feel about yourself has a major effect on your attitude and can mean the difference between getting a promotion or not. A suit is a common wardrobe piece of a businessman, which shows power and authority, but when a woman puts it on, it can do just a little more. A woman wearing a suit basically motivates her and can tell the world “I can do just as good a job as anyone else because I am powerful and professional.”

Have you ever noticed how a guy will dress on the first date when he’s really trying to impress someone? His usual attire may be a t-shirt and jeans but when he needs to really make a good impression, he has no problem ironing a collared shirt and slacks so that he looks well put together. This makes him feel more confident and it can show her that he is motivated to win her over.

When a woman gets dressed up for a formal dance or celebration she wears a fabulous dress and gets her hair and makeup done so she is flawless. Feeling like a queen, she has a fantastic night out and dances the night away in style. All it took to give her the best night of her life was a good occasion and the perfect ensemble!

There is a huge correlation between what we wear and how we feel. When I add jewelry to an outfit I feel much better about myself than when I wear no jewelry at all. Even if no one notices or compliments me, every time I walk by a mirror I am proud of myself for the ensemble I put together. This may answer the question as to why we always feel the need to buy a new outfit for a special occasion. There’s something about the crisp fresh feeling of a brand new outfit being worn for the first time that makes you extra proud of yourself. Sometimes, after being stuck at home all day, you just need to dress in a nice pair of jeans and shoes when you run errands to give yourself an extra boost of energy. So next time you look in your closet to choose an outfit, remember that when you feel good about how you look, you automatically have a more positive attitude.

About the Author:
Ellen Ross+ write on her blog Ask Away, an advice and fashion blog, where she posts about life, love, fashion, fitness, and a variety of other topics. She lives in Carlisle, Pennsylvania with her 4 Chihuahuas and works for the Pennsylvania Department of Health. You can read her blog at

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