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Are you looking for resources that can help your non profit or organization get ahead? These local organizations and people are great places to start.

Community ResourcesPlease be sure to let these great companies know you found them through YAFCA. We strive to be an asset to those that help us in our own success! We trust they will help you in yours.

SF & Company – CPA’s & Business Advisers

“With offices based in Harrisburg, York and State College, Pennsylvania, SF&Company, CPAs and Business Advisors is a leading certified public accounting and business advisory firm focused on offering expert financial guidance and dedicated representation to privately held companies, the people who own them, high net worth individuals and non-profit organizations.”

Marqeteer – Branding, SEO, & Podcasting

“Mark Boyd (Marqeteer) works with professionals in a variety of business realms on building a solid foundation for marketing, finding a unique hook they can believe in and developing that hook into a marketing identity.” Learn more at

Volo Creations – Web Design

“Creative. Innovative. Functional. Volo Creations provides web development with a user experience that is like no other.”

Renee Ellis Designs – Graphic Design, Photography

“I (Renee Ellis Designs) enjoy working with people, creating the best design that conveys exactly what they are looking for. Over the last few years I have designed for many nonprofit organizations, helping them raise funds for buildings, playgrounds and advertising events. My expertise is print & photography.”

SCORE York – Small Business Mentoring

“The York Pennsylvania Chapter of SCORE is part of a national nonprofit association dedicated to entrepreneur education and the formation, growth and success of the nation’s small business.”

Buy Local Coalition – Spend It Here – Keep It Here

“[Buy Local Coalition] members are locally owned and operated companies in South Central PA. We believe that LOCAL is best. By making the decision to use local companies you have the opportunity to keep money in our community, help our economy and keep your neighbors working.”