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We are a bridge between those in need of social services and those providing them. Partnered with nonprofits from the Pennsylvania Region, we ensure that those in need can easily access the help they deserve.

YAFCA Vision and Purpose

Our Vision

Today’s economic and commercial platforms demand that organizations stay current or get left behind. We utilize a “high tech, high touch” approach to measure, monitor, adjust, and control donor and beneficiary reach. We are seeking Partners desiring to harness the promotion and exposure that this vision provides. Our TREK program provides the platform we use to help our partners to accomplish this mission.

YAFCA will rejuvenate and launch economic growth and volunteerism,  functioning as a bridge between our partners and their target audiences.  Please explore these these resources, or ask us for help with specific needs.

Get to Know Team YAFCA

YAFCA is a team of talented people with unique skill sets including graphic design, marketing, accounting, web design and more. We combine these skills to promote  awareness for local charities through our TREK program. Together we are creating a quality community for friends to live, work, and play.

Find YAFCA in Action

We are partnered with nonprofits established in the Pennsylvania Region and seek growth opportunities with nonprofits and local businesses primarily in YorkLancaster and Harrisburg regions. Nonprofits local to these areas should apply here.
Although YAFCA is currently serving the York area, we have a long range goal of eventually having a national reach. Want to partner with YAFCA, and are outside of the area? Send us a message.

Give a Gift

Support YAFCA – your gift supports the operation of this website, and provides funding for outreach activities that engage the community. YAFCA is focused entirely on outreach at the nonprofit grassroots level. We are a bridge between those in need of social services and those providing them. Many local nonprofits are little known in the community because of limited funding, or social reach. We use donor funds to increase that reach. This increased exposure providides more giving opportunities to community members through contests, giveaways, and prizes. We also support our partners with services like those used by our TREK program. Portions of this program include paid contest promotion for YAFCA and our partners using social media, Google Ad Words, and more. Take a look at our complete Record of Giving, or  Give a gift to keep the good stuff happening.

Sponsor a Giveaway

Our Social Giveaways are one of our most significant community engagement tools. These giveaways would not be possible without the help of our invaluable business donors. Corporate donors looking for more information about supporting the community through partnership with YAFCA can find more information under  YAFCA Sponsorship Program. Tell us about your company and sponsorship goals, and we’ll get to work – for outreach and to maximize your gift!